Crypto bot trailing stop

crypto bot trailing stop

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Note: When this is turned keep track of the price and move the stop-loss rate cancelling the order. Cryptohopper Solution home Help and support articles Configuration.

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Crypto bot trailing stop Since the market price is 17,, the sell order 8, USDT will be filled immediately. Two settings are essential with the TSL. The Trailing Delta ranges from 0. Unlike Other platforms where you only have a single value, Aesir allows you to control precisely when to follow the price but defining your Trailing Take Profit. You can check when your order was activated and submitted to the order book by clicking on [Submitted]. These funds will be reserved to buy back the same amount of the coin for less.
Etherlite crypto price For example when going long, you want to set the Trailing Stop only after the last price rises to a certain point. Afterwards, if the last price keeps rising from 30, USDT, the stop price will also keep increasing to chase bigger gains. How does shorting work? Menu Basics What is Cryptohopper? Similar to a stop-limit order, the activation price is the price at which the trailing stop order is activated. Your Hopper will repurchase the position, protecting yourself from a loss so that you can make a profit sooner.
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Trailing stops are more difficult to use with active trades, due to volatility and price fluctuations in the crypto market, especially during the first hour of the day. When the latest price reaches 30, PUSD, the trailing stop is activated and the number on the left turns black, indicating the current stop price:. That is why it is crucial that you pay special attention to setting the percentage range when using crypto Trailing Take Profit orders.